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We’re specialist fine art dealers in original signed sporting prints by Snaffles, Cecil Aldin, Lionel Edwards, Alfred Munnings, Gilbert Holiday, Herbert Dicksee, Maud Earl, Archibald Thorburn, G.D. Armour, F.A. Stewart, Peter Biegel, Tom Carr, and Basil Nightingale. Artwork is also available by more latter day artists including John King, Neil Cawthorne, Terence Cuneo and Michael Lyne. Original signed prints, pictures, etchings and art by 19th and 20th Century Military and Maritime Artists are also available, including William Lionel Wyllie,  Caton Woodville, G.D. Giles, Lady Elizabeth ButlerG.A. Fothergill and Fortunino Matania. If you require information about any of our items for sale, then please contact us. Please click here for a full list of Artists represented on this website

There is also a section covering Snaffles Christmas Cards and Lionel Edwards China in addition to a small selection of Sporting Books for sale.

A category list has now been added to make it easier to find specifically themed prints and pictures on Hunting, Horse Racing, Polo, Gun Dogs and Dogs, Bird and Game Birds and Military. More categories will be added as new items are added. There are also latest items and sale item links

We regret that we don’t offer ‘Free’ valuations or a picture information service, but are more than happy to discuss any items that are for sale on our website. 

If you have been directed here via a sellers link on an E-bay item for sale, then please contact us with the E-bay seller’s user name and item details and we will take the necessary action.

If there is anything in particular that you are looking for that isn’t listed here, please ask, as our stock items change regularly and sometimes never makes it to our web pages. We also search and buy specifically for clients.

If you can’t see what you’re looking for then give us a call on 07889 800857.

F.A.Stewart aka Frank Algernon tewart Hunting prints and Hunt Pictures
F.A.Stewart Hunting prints and Hunt Pictures
Maud Earl signed dog prints, etchings and engravings for sale
Maud Earl signed prints, etchings and engravings
Peter Biegel Hunting Prints and Hunt Pictures
Peter Biegel prints of Hunting and Hunt Pictures


Tom Carr Hunting Prints and Etchings and Horse Racing Pictures
Tom Carr Hunting and Racing Prints and Etchings
Archibald Thorburn Bird Prints and Game Birds and Shooting Pictures
Archibald Thorburn Game Bird prints and Shooting pictures


Herbert Dicksee Dog prints countryside and agricultural and etchings
Herbert Dicksee Dog prints and Countryside etchings