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The R.A. Harriers aka The Royal Artillery Hunt

The Hunt, prior to 1946, was a Harrier pack, but after the war changed to foxhounds. It is the last surviving military pack of foxhounds, although now it is self-financing. Read More

The country which is in Hampshire and Wiltshire is all loan country and covers Salisbury Plain, extending from Devizes in the north to Salisbury in the south, and from Warminster in the west to Ludgershall in the east; it is primarily the military training area of Salisbury Plain but some meets are held on more conventional farmland. There is very little jumping: there are always ways round any fences. It is a good country for seeing hounds work, with few of the problems generally encountered in modern hunting. Sport is varied; there are some good long runs of up to ten miles unimpeded by roads, railways, wire or urban sprawl. Any horse, young or old, would enjoy a day on Salisbury Plain. The RA Hunt is run on military lines and is an exceptionally friendly hunt with a jolly atmosphere. Fields average up to 60 on a Saturday and up to 30 on Wednesday. Visitors are always welcome; little notice is required, although the Secretary must be contacted in advance because on some days a special pass is needed. Children are welcome, except on days of military activity. Car following is difficult. Adjacent Hunts: the Tedworth, the Avon Vale, the Wilton and the South and West Wilts.

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