Our Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Hereafter, is a brief summary of the main points of our data protection statement and policy and covers the main legal requirement under UK and International Laws and how it affects you as a customer. A full copy is available upon request

To Summarise ; –

The information that we do ‘Retain’ about you.-
The only information that is collected via this web site, by email or by telephone are our clients / customers Names, Address’s, telephone numbers and email address’s. This information is retained securely by us purely as contact details between us (Stephen Pritchard) and you (The customer). The information that we retrieve is not sold or submitted to any third party user. All information that we gather from you is used to enable us to communicate only or provide a service of searching for prints, pictures, books etc on your behalf. This information is shared ‘only’ between’ us and you. Once completed, all information is removed from our computers and stored securely offsite.

The information that we ‘Don’t Retain about you:-

No Credit and Debit Card or Banking details are collected via this web site. This information is provided to a third party secure payment service (PayPal). This ensures you maximum security, insurance and confidentiality at all times. If you are approached by someone claiming representation of this web site, please report the matter immediately.

Our Commitment to you, your data’s protection and security and your privacy in general:-

We as a business operative are committed to our customers data protection at all times. To prevent unauthorised access, we have in place appropriate electronic and physical procedures to safeguard and secure the information that we collate about you and your requirements. When a search has been completed, all details are removed (with the exception of our electronic mailing system) from our computers and files and secured in third party offsite secure storage.